Samar Badawi

To the husband, the friend, the companion, the activist...

To Waleed the “human”, Waleed, who symbolises them all...

Dear Human,

The dictionary has run out of words for me to find one that would describe your worth; I couldn’t.

What word can be used to describe someone who dedicated himself to his human brother, and that brother’s rights, opinions, mind, and liberty.

My life with you is summed in these four statements; you fought for my rights, you struggled for my opinions, brawled for my mind, and triumphed for my freedom.

I congratulate humanity on you, and I congratulate your resisting soul which will remain a freedom elixir and a spring of immorality.

I love you, and I love your fight. We will continue the road resisting together until the end.

And as you told me once when I was in prison, the beautiful days have not come yet!!